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"To everything there is a season..." -Ecclesiastes 3

In the Spring of 2020, while Randy and I were away for our anniversary for the first time in TWO years, we started receiving calls from our daughters telling us that Coronavirus was spreading, dangerous and we needed to use caution on our trip. We tuned in to the news and when they started talking about travel restrictions, closing businesses, we packed up our car and headed back to Kentucky. I spent the entire twelve hour drive home on the phone with couples who were wanting assurance that their weddings were not in danger. I confessed I was uncertain but assured them we could bump their weddings out to the Fall or the next year as needed. Thinking that certainly by Fall all of this would blow over!

I spent the next several weeks talking to other venue owners, writing proposals for safe gathering to the Governor's office and trying to juggle weddings into available dates for the future. By the end of May it became apparent that Covid19 was not going away and conditions only became worse. Our barn was closed by the Governor, as most businesses were. We had to face the reality that there weren't going to be any weddings in 2020. We refunded the money to our couples and to do so, we had to sell all of our barn, decor, everything! But, we are so very thankful that it was enough to cover the loss!

We will forever be grateful to our neighbors who were our biggest cheer leaders! They supported us from the very first day that we talked to them about opening a wedding barn! We are grateful for Trimble County businesses who backed us up and supported us! Without the beautiful and awesome couples, we would not have made it! Every family who came to our barn to celebrate a milestone event, became part of our family!

Randy and I decided to use the loss as an opportunity. We had been wanting to relocate to be near our children and grandchildren and so we did! We bought a home in central Indiana and both started new jobs while we used our "isolation" time to finish renovating the beautiful old farmhouse in Milton. And, it turned out just as I dreamed...gorgeous! The person interested in buying the property wants to turn it into a horse farm! What a wonderful metamorphosis for the farm!

One of the difficult lessons that I have learned through this process that caused anger, grief, and bittersweet tears, is that we have to release the past and let go in order to move forward. No dream is ever lost when we let God move in the midst of it. I am so grateful that God is on the move in our lives and in my dream!

We have plans to purchase a farm here in central Indiana and resurrect The Lazy Daisy Farm and Wedding Barn! God is great! All of the time!

Come back often and see how this dream is coming alive again in this new location!

Be blessed,


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