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The Barn gets a Mini-Renovation

We are so excited to share that our wedding barn is getting a new back wall and new front doors! We have needed to work on the back wall of our barn for quite a while, but there always seems to be more pressing issues. The back wall is getting a complete makeover! The two large sliding doors are being replaced with solid wood so that the wedding party can have a nice back wall as their backdrop inside the barn. A smaller "man" door will be added for cross ventilation and as an exit for the restrooms. The front sliding doors are being removed, track included, and being replaced with traditional barn doors made of oak and they will be hung on hinges rather than on a track. Add some new landscaping in the front of the barn, a porch on the side, and a few quiet seating places around the farm and we have quite a makeover to celebrate and share! Watch for pictures as we get all of our projects underway.


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