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Variety; We've Got it in Eggs!

When Randy announced that he had ordered eggs and an incubator, I was less than excited! We had chickens when I was a kid; they were stinky, noisy, and got in the way! Waking up to feed them before school, was not one of my favorite memories.

The eggs arrived and Randy diligently watched the humidity level in the incubator and reported the progress to me over the supper table. I half-heartedly listened as he shared his enthusiasm.

The day arrived that one of the little eggs began to crack where the chick was breaking her way into the world. I was won over! I watched and cheered as one by one the shells cracked and the chicks pecked their way out. Three years later, we still have that first chick. Her name is Star and she is a faithful layer of green eggs.

We lost most of our hens to the great coyote invasion of 2017, adding to their number in the spring of 2018. With nearly a dozen eggs a day from our "girls" we are able to share eggs with family and sell eggs to neighbors.

I have learned a few life lessons along the way by caring for our feathered friends; always close the coop door at night AFTER the hens are in, say "thank you for the eggs girls" and they lay better, and even though the eggs are all differnt color on the outside they are all the same on the inside.



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