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Planning Spring

When I was a child, in early March, my Dad would get out his pencil and a notepad to begin planning Spring. He would map out his garden, draw diagrams of where he would plant fruit trees, or add buildings, or house new animals. I guess I inherited his love for planning; because I have been mapping out projects and making supply lists for the past several days.

One of the projects on my notepad is a relaxing sitting area near the woods where people can enjoy kicking back with a glass of ice water or sweet tea in the shade surrounded by the soft white, lemon yellow and wood color palette.

Today, there is snow piled on our deck and it's 28 degrees! But, on my notepad, it's time to plant, paint, build and get ready for Spring! I hope you will enjoy watching Spring unfold here at The Lazy Daisy Farm! Happy planning!


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