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You've heard it said that we all "wear many hats" in our lives. My hats include; wife, mother, grandmother, friend, business owner, event planner, pastor, homemaker, family historian, photographer, pet get the idea!

One of the things that I have decided to do in 2019 is set aside all of my "hats" and focus on becoming my best self. I have been improving my diet and moving more which is resulting in some much needed weight loss. And, I've been doing some on-line free "how-to" courses in things that I enjoy; hobby photography, basics in interior design, and my next project is creative drawing. Why? I have learned that when we wear many hats, we sometimes forget who we are. We get so caught up in the roles that we play that we start to feel empty. From my pastoral care classes of "yester-year," we would call that "compassion fatigue." It's that feeling of being all "give out."

So, before the busy wedding season begins and while I have a little spare time, I'm learning myself again. My cup is being filled, so to speak, so that I can resume my full schedule filled up, creative and energetic. This is going to be one of our best years yet!


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