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Catching Up

The winter months allow us time to get caught up on the things that don't get done during wedding season. We love the beautiful couples and their families and friends who come to the barn for their weddings and with every new season we try to build, clean and fix things so that the barn and our farm are more inviting and beautiful than the year before.

This winter, we have a very long list of tasks to complete before April! We have been working on our house for almost five (yes, I said five) years! We just completed the back porch with its' facelift, we finally have all of the wedding barn and business related things moved to our sunroom which has become my office/showroom/meeting area. We are finally living in the upper part of our house! Our next project in the house is adding a relaxing and much needed master bath.

In the barn, I started to replace all of our white-wired lights with brown-wired LED lights, but everyone who has visited the barn has commented on how much they like the white wired lights. So saved by popular votes, the white wires will stay! We are taking down some of the 2X4's that were used to hand tobacco to open the ceiling up and make it feel cleaner and then adding ceiling fans. The bride's room is getting a make-over to make it more spa-like and add better lighting. We also plan to add a few cozy spots around the property for pictures and picnics and I saw some sketches for a summer kitchen on my husband's drafting table!

Whether you have a list of projects like we do this winter or it's a time to relax and enjoy the snow, I hope you have a wonderful winter! We look forward to seeing you all in the Spring!!



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